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What is 2020 going to bring?

Posted by Cathy on January 1, 2020 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (329)

I know millions do, but I don't beleive in New Year Resolutions. 

It seems to me resolutions are just one more way to let ourselves down and make us feel that we aren't worthy when the day comes that we break that resolution.  Why set ourselves up for failure?  Many of us, me included, grew up setting limits for ourselves.  We can't do 'y' until we have completed 'x'....ridiculous really.

2020 for me is going to be all about HEALTH and that includes loving myself and reducing the stress I cause myself.

I have a lot of weight to lose.  I started in October, October 27th to be exact, after finding a group on Facebook that was a very forgiving and loose way of following a keto type plan.  Check out the group Eat Like A Bear at https//www.facebook.com/groups/EatLikeABear if you're interested. 

I don't like rules.  So much so that I tend to break them just to prove that I don't have to follow them.  Dumb...I know, but it's a sub-conscious thing I need to work through....another time. 

Anyway, this group talks about following keto without counting.   I'm good with that...no macro counting...no calorie counting....no weighing food.  They recommend eating once a day but you can eat twice a day even three times but the point of this is the intermittent fasting (no snacking) between meals.  This works for me!  Never thought I could but eating once a day is so easy and it's saving me money because I'm not stopping at Tim Horton's for a breakfast sandwich or hitting a local greasy spoon for lunch.  By December 1st I was down 18 pounds!!!  Yes!  18....WOW! 

I decided to take the month of December off for a couple of reasons. 

1.  There were too many luncheons and parties.  I figured if I deprived myself, I'd only become disgruntled and quit the new way of life that was working for me. 

2.  This is a high protein (fat), low carb diet so cheating can cause serious health concerns.  I'm worried about the heart. 

I'm happy to say that as of today, January 1, 2020 I was only up 2.3 pounds.  Amazing considering the crap I've stuffed down my throat.  As of midnight last night, I'm on a fast.  Hoping for a 40 hour fast (eating dinner tomorrow night with the fam) but if I decide to end it at lunch, I will because, again, 2020 is also about being kind to myself. 

Almost 14 hours in and I'm not hungry yet.  Black coffee, black tea and water will keep me going!  

Best of luck to all of you with your 2020 goals.  Remember to be kind to yourself and


It took a kick in the teeth

Posted by Cathy on September 16, 2018 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (8)

So it took being told by my superior that organizational changes are coming and my job of 17 years will be eliminated to get me motivated. Ok, initially the news sent me into a tail spin. I was angry, sad, scared, back to angry, onto depressed, still scared and then pissed right off but with the support of my family and friends that knew what I needed to hear, I realized it just doesn’t matter (Does anyone remember Bill Murray in Meatballs? Aww well, it just doesn’t matter)!

Point being, I remembered what someone told me years ago. “Girl, there is WAY more to life then these 4 walls! You are capable of doing so much more.” Dammit! He was right! I am capable of doing more and so are you! Together can you imagine what we can do? Wow! It truly is limitless. There is SOOOOO very much I’ve wanted to do for so long but left it on the shelf because I had “real” work to do.

Guided Healing is my passion and I’ve always kept it aside as a hobby because I was afraid if I looked at it as a source of income it would lose its magic. I offer various modality sessions that I love and believe in that you can find on my website at Guided Healing and of course there is Young Living that you will be hearing more about but then there’s the magical piece…peace.

The magic involves intuition, the modalities we want everyone to experience, crystals, oracle and tarot cards, self-care, essential oils and every other thing we do to release ourselves from dis-ease but most importantly it’s the connection with each one of you that makes my energy soar! There are so many avenues I want to pursue with Guided Healing and share with you along the way. I will share my knowledge and experience and hope you will do the same in hopes that we can, together, find what really works!


What’s fact and what’s fiction? 

What’s true and what’s false?


What’s outright BS that was just made up to sell an eBook?